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UBB Rural wireless broadband signal tower

Sick of rural NZ being left behind with broadband options? Look no further we have the solution!

Our 100% owned and operated rural broadband network offers great value and quality services to customers in our Canterbury coverage zones built by our partners Connectivity Infrastructure Services.

Our team, apart of The Connectivity Group, are experts in out-of-the-box solutions! We understand that cookie-cutter solutions don’t always cut it! Whether you are needing a rural wireless connection for your shed, house, or your garage! Ultimate Broadband can help get that goal achieved! With farm connectivity requirements for business and everyday use now creating significant demand, UBB wireless broadband is here to make it easy and simple. Check out our wireless broadband plans below then get in touch so our friendly team can help with any further questions you may have.


Not wanting to go on a 24-month term?
No worries we have open-term solutions with installs at $899 and a $30 discount on the monthly broadband plans below!

Great for everyday usage, email, web browsing, Youtube, Netflix, or on-demand TV.
Speeds up to 30/10 MbpsWireless broadband speeds advertised are peak speeds. Speeds are not guaranteed, the content provider, network load, and site connected to will determine speed and capacity at any given time.
Free WiFi router includedManaged UBB WiFi router rental included for free with the package.
Switch between plansSwitch between plans to suit your monthly needs! Switching plan will take effect the following monthly billing cycle.
$0.50 p/GB additional usageWhen you go over your on-peak data amount your internet doesn't stop, instead we chare per the GB used afterward!
/ month
/ month

Get installed from $249
Great for most families who require unlimited rural broadband.
Speeds up to 30/10 MbpsWireless broadband speeds advertised are peak speeds. Speeds are not guaranteed, the content provider, network load, and site connected to will determine speed and capacity at any given time.
Free WiFi router includedManaged UBB WiFi router rental included for free with the package.
Switch between plansSwitch between plans to suit your monthly needs! Switching plan will take effect the following monthly billing cycle.
Unlimited data Fair usage policy applies
/ month
/ month

Get installed from $249
The fastest unlimited rural broadband plan UBB offers. No speed cap. It will go as fast as the site can provide.
Speeds up to 50/20Wireless broadband speeds advertised are peak speeds. Speeds are not guaranteed, the content provider, network load, and site connected to will determine speed and capacity at any given time.
Unlimited dataFair usage policy applies
Free WiFi router includedManaged UBB WiFi router rental included for free with the package.
/ month
/ month

Get installed from $249

Wireless Max plan is only available on selected sites, The plan has no speed caps. Compared to other plans with a max speed of 30Mbps download. The max plan will get whatever the site it’s connected to can provide. You will receive faster speeds on this plan, speeds will differ based on site capacity and load.

This service is not available in all areas. Service availability based on capacity and proximity to our rural broadband network. Overage data is charged @ $0.50c per Gb, for more info read our rural broadband terms here.

But why go with Ultimate Broadband?

Racing car to symbolize how fast fibre broadband is.

Fast & reliable.

Our wireless connection plans can get fibre like internet speeds on our wireless max plan! Netflix will load so fast you won’t even notice it loading!

hand / heart symbol to show love for our local fibre support team

Local NZ support.

Our award-winning support and sales teams are based in Christchurch New Zealand. Meaning you deal with locals with no long waits in phone queues.

Family symbol to show fibre broadband being fast for the entire family.

Fair for the whole family.

UBB’s rural broadband offers equality for the whole family, allowing everyone in the household to stream, game, video call, and work all at the same time!

We would love for you to join our fast growing family, get in touch with us below.

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Ultimate Broadband aims to be the best wireless broadband provider in NZ, we offer great service, excellent value, and leading broadband packages to the rural community and to its urban counterparts.

We like to think that we are the heart of connectivity! Both your connectivity at your home, farm, or business. We pride ourselves on coming up with out-of-the-box solutions and never putting things into the too-hard pile. We are not just about selling a service; we are about providing a result.

So, what are you waiting for? Come become our newest family member and join our ever-growing broadband customer base! We guarantee you will not look back at your old broadband provider!

UBB Wireless Broadband Coverage Zone
As an official wireless broadband provider, our network is growing fast (Just like our internet😉). Allowing us to help more clients with an awesome connection!
Outside of our rural broadband coverage zone? Contact our team to find out if there is planned coverage coming your way or if any other awesome services are available in your region. Keep on the lookout as we expand our South Canterbury network!
0800 000 945 | SUPPORT@UBB.NZ

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Thanks so much for your message, We cant wait to speak to you!

Recomendations from our UBB family members

Absolutely fantastic company that genuinely cares about its customers. ... We are on a remote high country station and had a weather related outage. The service team went above and beyond to get up to us as soon as possible. Really impressed with their communication and efforts. Keep up the awesome work and many thanks from Erewhon.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Erin Google
Pretty much our entire small rural town uses UBB because no other company cared ... to connect us to fibre that ran through. I highly recommend UBB, service is top of the line. Theres no long waits when phoning through with a problem. A courteous, well trained human answers straight away, most issues are sorted over the phone or staff ring you back. I cant praise you guys enough.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Helen Google
One of the best companies around if there's an issue they are on to it pretty much right away thanks UBB.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Philippa Google


Frequently asked questions about our wireless broadband.

UBB wireless broadband rural is an alternative option for fast and reliable broadband to the rural sector where fibre or DSL services are not available. UBB, as a wireless broadband provider has installed (and still is) their own official government backed wireless broadband solar sites around Canterbury. Coverage ranges from North Canterbury Waimakariri districts, all the way down to South Canterbury Waimate region. These sites use a fibre backhaul generally through EA Networks or Enable Fibre, so that we can prove a fast and reliable internet connection. These sites provide connection to your house or shed on the 2.5ghz or 5ghz frequency. UBB installs a radio (Similar to a sky tv dish) on your roof or at a point where the wireless signal is optimal. Then we run a cable down to a point where the router is installed. With wireless internet it can be easily interfered with if there are things that block the radio's line of sight back to the station it connects off. Things like trees or other solid objects need to be thought about when looking into this service. If you find that you’re not in canterbury there are other wireless internet providers, check them WISPA NZ here.

Easy! Simply get in touch with our team here, or fill out the contact from above, or call us on 0800 000 945 Our friendly local Christchurch based team will walk you through our process and answer any questions you may have. If you’re wanting to go ahead, we will send a tech out to scope and test the wireless signals first and come up with an install plan. Read more about how rural wireless broadband works here! Sometimes it requires a custom install if there are plenty of trees around! Once that scope visit is completed and your happy with the install plan that has been discussed, then our tech returns to install and your connected to internet easy as that!

UBB's wireless broadband rural covers North Canterbury, Waimakariri districts all the way down to South Canterbury Waimate district. If your wanting to check your address with our wireless broadband coverage the click here, or check our wireless broadband coverage page here. If your find that you’re not in our rural wireless internet coverage zone we have other options like RBI, click to find more here. Also UBB is a part of a collective group of wireless broadband providers a list of available providers and their regions can be found here.

Just like any other connection yes! There are things that can affect your connection that you should be aware of, the likes of solid objects that get in the way of the line of sight for the radio on your roof. IF that is blocked the quality of your connection can worsen. Please ensure if there are trees or new buildings around then let UBB know to ensure this isn’t a problem. We also have ultimate wifi solutions to ensure your wifi at home or the shed is strong in all four corners! Find out more about our ultimate wifi extenders here.

Pending on what you’re doing on the internet will dictate what the best wireless broadband plan is ideal for you. By checking your address and what you require for internet data and cost on the wireless broadband plan compare site will help you decide on what is best with UBB's broadband plans. Also using the Glimp website can help with this as well. Check them here! if your ever in doubt, call our UBB support team they will be able to help you choose what broadband plan is best! Get in touch here!

Its totally fine to use your own modem. You will need to get in touch with us so we can provide you with the PPP details for your wireless broadband to work. Please note, our techs cannot help with any trouble shooting on your own modem as they are only trained with UBB modem. We strongly suggest going with the UBB modem so your able to take advantage of your Christchurch based support team. if you do have some struggles at home our helpfull guides about slow wifi tips, bandwidth tips, and our guide to 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks for home.

You sure can! Our ultimate wifi extenders work extremely well with our rural internet service, especially if you have a larger house or business to ensure wifi signals are optimal everywhere! A bonus getting your ultimate wifi installed at the same time as your wireless connection can work out cheaper and more cost effective as well! Check out our ultimate wifi solutions here.

Our rural internet was specifically designed to work both in the shed and the house, or even both! We have custom connectivity solutions that can connect your entire farm up. For example, the shed can be installed with our wireless broadband, it then can feed each staff house for a connection! check out our farm connectivity solutions here.

Yes, you can! For a landline to work with our wireless internet connection it requires to be over the internet. Slightly different, instead of plugging your phone into the jack point it requires to be plugged into the UBB modem. They cost $20 extra per month, more info about them can be found here: VoIP phone line. If you require the phone line for emergencies and there isn’t an alternative option like cell phone coverage then please ensure to let the team know and fill out this form for a custom solution. We also have mobile signal boosters as well that can help with cell phone coverage around home. Find out more here.

The main difference between both wireless broadband rural and 4g wireless broadband is the technology. 4G broadband uses the 4g network of cell towers of the likes of Spark and Vodafone to provide a 4g coverage. our rural wireless internet uses our own sites and is a different technology to how it delivers the internet to your laptop or phone. most of the time our wireless internet provides a cheaper monthly solution with more data. But when it’s not available due to coverage issues we recommend using the 4g broadband! UBB also offers 4g broadband plans and fibre broadband plans as well, find out more!

All of our fibre connections are on a 12-month contract. We require 30 days notice to be given to disconnect. If you were to disconnect within the contract period a $100 disconnection fee applies plus you are charged the cost of the base rate for each remaining months left within the contract. For more information please read our term's and conditions.

We support all forms of webmail on our fibre internet. Including Xtra webmail, Yahoo webmail, Orcon webmail, & Farmside webmail. Unfortunately, we have stopped offering our webmail services though. More info can be found here about webmail settings / details: Webmail details.

We always recommend choosing fibre broadband over anything if you can, but we understand most rural businesses in South Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, and North Canterbury don't always have the luxury! That's why we have built out our own wireless broadband network to help businesses stay connected at a fraction of the cost for fibre to be installed in remote areas where the fibre network hasn't been installed.

Call our helpdesk on 0800 000 945

Available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with weekend support.