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Wifi Bandwidth 101

Wifi Bandwidth 101

Bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed when it’s actually the volume of data (Netflix movies, gaming, emails etc)t hat can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time – calculated in megabits per second (Mbps).

Another way to look at bandwidth is to think of it as a pipe. The pipe size is the speed of your broadband plan.

During lockdown there will generally be more people and devices using the internet. This clogs up the pipe. A remedy to fix that would be to increase the pipe size (Upgrading the plan to a faster one).

Reach out to our team today to see if they can help increase you plan! We have plenty of options ranging from Fibre broadband plans, 4g broadband plans and rural wireless broadband plans!

Feel free to learn more about how to improve your wifi by checking out our slow wifi tips and tricks. or reading our blog about when to use the 2.4GHz & 5GHz wifi networks at home!

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