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VoIP Landline Phone

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for a landline service you barely use. Get VoIP phone over your broadband and cut that copper line!

VoIP which stands for voice over internet protocol, pronounced “voyp”. It’s a new technology that transmits voice over the internet. As the old copper phone lines are degrading, voip offers a great value for money for a phone service using your broadband connection instead of the copper cables. This service can also be sued with the 4G RBI broadband service as well.

The great part is that most standard phones work over VoIP with one of our handy ATA phone boxes saving you even more. Existing jack points in the house can also be converted to VoIP- POTs disconnect required (fees apply). We have a handy guide with setting your phone up which can be found by clicking here for our VoIp phone guide.

About our VoIP phone plan

Local & National landline calling is free and included, fair use policy applies.

Key international destinations including UK/Australia/USA just 4c per minute, low rates apply to other locations.

New Zealand mobile rate is 25c per minute

​Setup and configuration fees & remote support apply to VoIP phones.

VoIP Plan
Great value VoIP phone plan with national / local landline calls
Free local landline calls
Free National landline calls
Free Voice mail & caller ID
NZ Mobile calls $0.25 / min
/ month
Other destination rates apply

111 Services not supported

You can call 111 for emergencies if you have broadband and power access – however, your physical address will not be presented to the operator so they will need to ask for your current location. If your power or broadband does not work, then your VoIP service will not work and you won’t be able to call 111 in emergencies.

ATA Phone Box Info

The ATA (analogue telephone adaptor) has a one off cost of $99 (freight may apply). Note this box will only enable your main base VoIP phone and any linked handsets to be VoIP capable. If you have multiple stand alone handsets, it would be best to covert your jack points to be VoIP capable. Ask our team for more info or look look at our helpful Voip guide.

111 Emergency Services

Is there someone in your household that is at particular risk of requiring 111 emergency services? Before getting a UBB VoIP plan talk to us about what to do in a power outage. For more information about the Commerce Commission 111 Contact Code click here.

Or download our vulnerable consumer form here.

0800 / 0508 freecall services

We can provide you with a free call number or port an existing 0800/0508 number over.  A free call number is treated as a local number and line, that means you get all the standard features available and you can make and recieve calls from that line

New number or existing?

We can provide a new local phone number or port your existing phone number from your current provider. It is free to connect a new number however a porting fee applies  as is standard in New Zealand to any porting request. This is $28.50. Porting can take at least 7-10 days from request to completion, as long as we are provided with the correct details.

0900 Services not supported

We currently do not support 0900 number due to delayed billing complications with the 0900 provider.