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Slow Wifi? We have some tips!

How Rural Wireless Broadband Works

Slow Wifi? We have some tips to help your internet speed!

We are sorry unfortunately gravity doesn’t help your wifi download speeds, but we love to have a laugh at UBB! But as we enter another lockdown it can cause the internet to be so ever important for working, entertainment and studies. With everyone at home, this can cause more strain on your wifi, causing dropouts and slower speeds.

Never fear UBB has some tips and remedies to help with your wifi at home!


Connect devices like TVs & computers with ethernet cables when possible.

The best way to use the internet is by making sure it’s plugged in directly to the modem with an ethernet cable. If you are able to connect the TV or laptop then do so! This will help to uncongested your wifi within your home.

Check the wifi signal level.

A quick way to help, does your device have full bars of wifi signal? If you are in another room or further away from the modem then the wifi will be slower and weaker. It may help to go closer to the modem or return to the same room. Another solution is getting a wifi extender. We have plenty of DIY options including and UBB custom installed solutions. Check them here. You can also contact us by clicking here.

Beware of the number of devices connected and using the internet all at once.

Beware that more devices using the internet at once will slow the connection down. If your plan is a 30mbps plan then each device would have to share the 30mbps. It would be divided up, so if you had 10 devices connected at once then it would be 3mbps. And that’s without adding signal strength etc.

Download what you can so it can be used offline.

What can help is if you download your Netflix episodes, books, and movies and watching them offline so that it’s one less device trying to use the internet with the others.

Turn off the modem for 10mins to refresh it.

A lot of the time the modem and radio have been on for a long time. A nice and easy solution is to turn the modem and radio off for 10mins and give it a refresher.

Know your hardware limitations.

Quite a lot of the time with slower wifi speeds and dropouts is actually your device. It may be older and not actually able to get a good wifi connection. It’s also possible that the wifi card on the device may have malfunctioned. A good way to test is to compare it to other devices around the home.

Be aware of bandwidth-hogging apps. like Zoom or downloading,

Ensure apps that hog all the bandwidth of your connection are not being used in the background, like Zoom torrents and other downloads. Try to minimize this it can help drastically.

Look at a new plan to upgrade to.

If you are able to we do offer fast plans pending site availability and fibre ONT capability. Get in touch with our team here and they can help you out!


UBB has wifi extenders that can help improve your wifi around the home and the business, be it house or shed. We have custom solutions that can help ensure your network is operating at its best. Get in touch with our team to get more info. Or check out our wifi extenders here:

Want more help with your 4G broadband? Check out our 9 tips to improve your 4G broadband at home! Or Need help understanding why your wifi shows 2.4GHz and 5GHz options? We have some tips and help with that as well. Check out our 2.4GHz & 5GHz wifi tips!

If after doing this all and your still having some issues by all means get in touch with our faults team by calling 0800 000 945 opt 2 or email us here.

What can also help is having a look at our helpful broadband router guides webpage here. We have a range or guides for a whole bunch of different routers you may have at home. here are some below.


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