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UBB fibre broadband rural Canterbury guide
UBB rural Canterbury broadband guide

Standard Settings + Remote changes for UBB Managed Routers
For any managed UBB router (Mikrotik), customers are unable to access for security and performance reasons. When a device requires a static IP address where DHCP is not suitable here are our standard settings for our managed Mikrotik routers plus info around Port Forwarding and WiFi SSID and Password changes.DHCP RANGE
GATEWAY (some older setups may have the gateway as use to COMMAND PROMPT & ipconfig command to confirm the correct gateway if unsure or contact our Helpdesk.

DNS SERVERS ( ) ( alternative or (cloudflare DNS) or worse case (Google DNS)

Static pool recommended for device / equipment use on network
Customer static range or

Port forwarding & WiFi SSID & password changes can be made when required, there is an up to 6 hour turn around for these settings to populate and be changed, please email or contact the helpdesk for these changes to be made. Note a small charge may apply for repeat changes.

UBB RBI Wireless 3G/4G Profile – APN

Please email our helpdesk or call 0800 000 945 if you need assistance


We recommend the Primo Wireless server for best performance metrics. Please use an Ethernet connected device for your test, also make sure no devices are using your connection at the time of the test as this can alter the results.

All broadband connections are based on line speed only, i.e. connection to the router, radio etc. not to your device or WiFi. WiFi tests are often subject to interference therefore Ethernet is the only true reflection of line speed (with no local traffic in use)