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Payment & Terms

Payment & Terms
Initial payment for services
The initial payment taken at sign up includes the upfront installation, rental of one month in advance & part period for the current month following the installation date. This is usually made by arrangement by credit card payment or direct credit. Once payment is received the connection is processed for installation. Any extra costs in regards to installation will be charged to your account following the consented completed installation.


Payment options
Payment for your connection is done on a monthly basis by automatic payment, bank deposit or by arrangement using your credit card. We accept these payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Debit cards
  • Bank deposit
  • Automatic payment
  • Direct Debit


Billing periods:
Ruralnet & Fibre – 1st Month/calendar month – Due 7 days following invoice
RBI wireless – 14th – 13th of month – Due 7 days following invoice
Staff Prepaid – Due by Final day of month prior to new month commencing


Disconnection inside a contract term will incur a penalty and the wireless modem is required to be returned within 7 working days to Ultimate Mobile Limited. Otherwise a charge of $249 inc GST is charged. 30 days notice of disconnection is required in writing along with full payment of remaining rentals.


RBI & Ruralnet Services
All contracted Ruralnet & RBI connections will incur a $40 inc GST per month disconnection fee for every remaining months in contract. For open and contracted connections, a removal fee $100 inc GST, plus any travel applies. Return of equipment is at customers’ cost. All gear remains property off UBB unless purchased outright.
All Ruralnet & RBI connections that are in the contract prior to mid-August 2021 will incur a $20 inc GST per month disconnection fee for every remaining month in the contract. Also, a removal fee of $100 inc GST plus travel does apply.
Fibre Services
The fibre disconnection fee in term contract is $100 base fee plus a termination fee based on the number of months remaining in the contract multiplied by the base plan rate charged by EA Networks, Chorus or Enable.


All radio equipment remains the property of Ultimate Mobile Limited at all times in any contract unless stated.

We will allow customers to transfer their connection to another customer if they no longer require etc, there is no fee for this, please contact our sales team regarding this.

Customers wishing to move there service can do so, as long as with in our RBI or wireless coverage zone. Please contact our team before doing this to ensure that we can deliver the service to that location. Installation fee’s may apply.

An equipment recovery fee of $100 applies to customers within our installer zones with contract or no contract connections. If you are able to safely remove equipment it can be couriered in working condition back to us. Please contact our team regarding this.


Payment failure
Ultimate Mobile runs a “no arrears” policy for all services. All connections are paid one month in advance and a part period until the end of the current billing period. Standard accounts must be paid by the invoice due date as per our billing periods as listed above or on the approved payment date if a written request for another due date is requested.Fees for late paymentPostpaid monthly accounts

  • Standard account invoices overdue for more than  6 days will be charged a $10 late fee
  • Customers who contact our help desk and arrange for an arranged payment extension will not be charged the late fee subject to the arranged payments being made on time


Overdue Service Disable 
ALL services where payments are 7 days or more overdue will be disabled until payment is made.

Overdue payments via credit /debit card will be reactivated immediately once cleared by our accounts team. Account where other payment methods are used will not be reactivated until payment has cleared.

All disabled accounts where a credit card is used will incur a 3% processing fee, this only applies to overdue disabled accounts 7 days overdue. Late fees apply to ALL postpaid accounts.

Prepaid accounts overdue on 1st day of new month will be disabled, standard fees as above apply.

We reserve the right to send any outstanding invoices to a debt collection agency to be recouped. Any & all costs incurred by us in undertaking this action will be passed onto you for full payment.

​Please note that by engaging in our services you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.