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Farm Connectivity

Connecting your farm has never been easier!

Getting all aspects of your farm connectivity to work in together can feel very complex and overwhelming to manage. We are here to help simplify your farm connectivity so that you can focus on what really matters. With UBB’s extensive rural broadband coverage we can create custom solutions!

UBB offer a range of solutions to connect all aspects of your farm or business for better control, access and visibility where you need it. There are no cookie cutter solutions here and the team are up for any challenge you may have to overcome.

How can we help?
  • Wi-Fi hotspots on farm
    This allows staff to upload info from anywhere on the farm as they go, instead of having to wait until they get to the office. It also acts as a good health and safety measure for staff to be able to call or message through wi-fi enabled platforms if there’s trouble. Irrigation or water monitoring systems may also require a hotspot to tap into in order to send out or upload information.
  • Solar remote stations
    If you require power on a remote part of your farm to operate monitoring systems or wi-fi hot spots, this is a fantastic way to achieve that. Not to mention most of the time it is more cost effective than running mains power to the middle of nowhere.
  • Dairy shed or staff house connectivity solutions
    In todays world, it’s a necessity to have connectivity at your shed for day to day business along with Health and Safety requirements. UBB have connected many dairy sheds helping our clients with reliable and affordable broadband connectivity so that they can run their business effectively.
    Farm house connectivity is also a specialty of ours, removing the pain of staff having to organise a last minute broadband connections when they move in- each staff house has gear installed and it’s a simple call to activate on the day they move in. Our open term options means that seasonal staff don’t get stung with big disconnection fees and our uncapped data is a big advantage saving in hefty overage fees. Better yet, the farm has one broadband provider who are easy to contact and knows your set up for fast & effective support.
  • Mobile signal booster installs
    Struggling with poor reception and there’s no way to communicate with the outside world? We offer legal and effective mobile booster solutions to ensure you never have to hop on one leg in one spot to make a quick phone call. Spark, Vodafone and 2 Degrees network solutions available. Spark and Vodafone network booster kits are not only available for buildings but also trucks so you can make an easy call from anywhere on your farm.
  • Camera system connectivity
    Security systems are an important requirement on farms today to keep the pesky thieves away. Not only this, you can monitor your stock too. UBB work in with a trusty camera supplier and make sure the wireless broadband connectivity has enough grunt to handle live camera streams. We also assist in making sure every camera point is connected up- some points on the farm may be very remote which is where the solar stations and farm hot spot solutions come into play.
  • And much more!
    If you have any other hurdle to get through, talk to our team. We are up for the challenge to help our clients succeed!

Connecting your farm or business has never been easier

We have a range of solutions to connect all aspects of your farm or business to enable better control, access and visibility where you need it.

From camera systems to WiFi hotspots, solar remote stations to dairy shed internet connectivity and much more, we can provide a wide range of options to connect and enhance your business.

Contact our team today to find out more about our UBB Farm connect solutions