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Email & Webmail Guide

Email and Webmail

Ultimate Broadband no longer provides email addresses and services. However we can assist with an email SMTP address if required for outgoing email etc.

We recommend @gmail @hotmail or @outlook free email services if you want an email address. Non ISP provided email addresses are recommended as they are fully ISP agnostic & can be used worldwide.

Existing customers with email services
We are migrating to a new Mail server, however for existing clients not yet migrated we have a webmail service available for customers wishing to use this service based on your email address, or

For customers on our new MX1 server please use the webmail button below. You will need your email address and password to access.

Webmail access


I can’t send emails over my connection?

In some cases ISP’s either block outgoing emails on 3rd party connections or require different settings to enable users to send emails with their email addresses. Xtra is the most common provider where this occurs, click here for info on getting your Xtra email working. You can google info for other providers or contact them directly.

Mail server settings

Our mail server set up details below work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows mail and most mail clients. Note these settings are for our new server, if you are not yet migrated contact us here to arrange the change. Authentication is required for incoming and outgoing email as below.

Our mail service is POP 3 based, IMAP is not supported at this time. We recommend selecting delete from mail server emails once downloaded to your machine to avoid running out of mail inbox capacity.

Rural Canterbury Broadband Email settings