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The smart farm revolution is here, and getting it connected has never been easier!

Getting all aspects of your farm’s connectivity to work together can feel very complex and overwhelming to manage. We are here to help simplify your farm connectivity so that you can focus on what really matters. With UBBs rural broadband coverage in Canterbury, we can create custom solutions to suit all aspects of the modern farm in this agritech era of smart farming.

UBB offers a range of solutions to connect all aspects of the farm for better control, access, and visibility where you need it. Including systems like Halter, Farmgate, Allflex, IoT sensors that help irrigation, horticulture, soil monitoring, dairy, and vineyards. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here, and the team is up for any challenge you may have to overcome with pathing the way into the smart farm future.

Connecting your farm or business has never been easier

We have a range of solutions to connect all aspects of your farm or business to enable better control, access, and visibility where you need it.

From camera systems to WiFi hotspots, remote solar stations, cell phone signal boosting solutions, to dairy shed broadband connections, gate controls, and much more. Let UBB make your farm’s step into the agritech future an easy one.

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How we help setup your farm for the future

Wi-Fi hotspots on the farm

This allows you to upload info from anywhere on the farm, instead of having to wait until they get to the office or shed. It also acts as a good health and safety measure for staff to be able to call or message through wi-fi-enabled platforms if there’s trouble. Irrigation or water monitoring systems may also require a wifi connection to tap into in order to send out or upload information.

Solar powered remote Wi-Fi repeater stations

If you require power on a remote part of your farm to operate monitoring systems or wi-fi hot spots, this is a fantastic way to achieve that. Not to mention most of the time it is more cost-effective than running mains power to the middle of nowhere.

IoT for your farm

We work along WISPA networks and have built out the largest IoT network of gateways to cover the entire landmass of Cantberuy north all the way to the south and even in the Bank Peninsula. Allowing farmers and businesses to have full control over their businesses and farms.

From water tank monitoring, better health & safety systems, atmospheric monitoring, soil monitoring, gate control systems, and much more! You name it, and there will be an IoT solution to help!

Dairy shed’s & staff house connectivity solutions

In today’s world, it’s a necessity to have connectivity at your shed for day-to-day business, along with meeting health and safety requirements. UBB has connected many dairy sheds, helping our clients with reliable and affordable broadband connectivity so that they can run their businesses effectively.

Farmhouse connectivity is also a specialty of ours, removing the pain of staff having to organise last-minute broadband connections when they move in. Each staff house has gear installed, and it’s a simple call to action on the day they move in. Our open-term options mean that seasonal staff doesn’t get stung with big disconnection fees, and our uncapped data is a big advantage in saving on hefty overage fees. Better yet, the farm has one broadband provider who is easy to contact and knows your setup for fast and effective support.

IP Camera system solutions

Security systems are an important requirement on farms today to keep pesky thieves away. Not only this, but you can monitor your stock too. UBB works with a trustyed camera supplier to make sure the wireless broadband connectivity has enough grunt to handle live camera streams. We also assist in making sure every camera point is connected; some points on the farm may be very remote, which is where the solar stations and farm hot spot solutions come into play.

Event Wi-Fi solutions

Together alongside Connectivity Infrastructure Solutions (CIS), we can provide connectivity solutions for events of the likes of agricultural shows, concerts, truck shows, rodeos, and conferences to name a few. ensuring bars, EFTPOS machines, and partners all have wifi connectivity to help ensure your event remains connected and in the 21st century.

Agri tech connectivity integration

Our connectivity solutions can work alongside new-age smart farm technology from the likes of Halter, Allflex, Farmgate, and many more! Feel free to inquire through your current smart farm company or call us directly to see how it can integrate with your UBB wireless radio broadband connection.

Mobile signal booster installs

Struggling with poor reception and there’s no way to communicate with the outside world? We offer legal and effective mobile booster solutions to ensure you never have to hop on one leg in one spot to make a quick phone call. Spark, Vodafone, and 2 Degrees network solutions are available. Spark and Vodafone network booster kits are not only available for buildings but also trucks so you can make an easy call from anywhere on your farm.

Connected Farm Entry
Fibre-fed Farm Entry plan. Package includes 1 main house, 3 staff dwellings, and 1 shed dwelling. Great for farms that want to simplify there billing.
Speeds up to 100Mbps The farm must have the capability to have fibre broadband installed (prices to install fibre are quoted by the fibre broadband wholesalers, not UBB) the Main house can get up to 100Mbps, and additional dwellings and shed can get up to 50Mbps download speed.
Just one monthly billSimplify your billing into one monthly statement. Allowing you to easily do your accounting and on charge each staff member from their wages.
No Cap / Unlimited dataFair usage policy applies
Add additional dwellings for $69 per month extraAdditional dwellings and sheds can get up to 50Mbps download speed for an extra $69 per month per shed or dwelling. Installs costs apply. The plan includes unlimited data.
/ month
/ month

Install price quoted after scope
Connected Farm Max
Fibre Fed Farm Max plan. Package includes 1 main house, 3 staff dwellings, and 1 shed. Great for smart farms that are data-hungry.
No speed capNo speed cap, plan will go as fast as it can up to a max of 900Mbps. Speeds are not guaranteed to the internet, content provider, network load, and site connected to will determine speed and capacity at any given time. Adding more dwellings and sheds will slow the connection down to due bandwidth requirements on the fibre connection. Fibre Fed Uncapped Farm Max plan offers burst speeds to all connected dwellings
Just one monthly billSimplify your billing into one monthly statement. Allowing you to easily do your accounting and on charge each staff member from their wages.
No Cap / Unlimited dataFair usage policy applies
Add additional dwellings for $99 per month extraAdditional dwellings and sheds can get max burst speeds to all connected dwellings to download speed for an extra $99 per month per shed or dwelling. Installs costs apply. The plan includes unlimited data. Adding more dwellings and sheds will slow the connection down to due bandwidth requirements on the fibre connection. Maintaining fast speeds may require more installation costs.
/ month
/ month

Install price quoted after scope
UBB Coverage Zone
As official rural broadband partners, our network is growing fast (Just like our internet😉). Allowing us to help more clients with an awesome connection!
Outside of our rural broadband coverage zone or require a custom broadband connection? Contact our team to find out if there is planned coverage coming your way or if any other awesome services are available in your region.
0800 000 945 | SUPPORT@UBB.NZ
The Internet of Cows!

Halter the future of farming

Halter uses solar-powered, GPS-enabled cow collars that use IoT to deliver real-time data, all controlled by a simple app allowing farmers to manage their stock remotely, and help with inefficiencies on their farms. The collars use sound and vibrations to create “virtual fences” while also enabling farmers to proactively manage their stock’s health, and behavior. The technology not only relieves some of the burdens of farmers’ day-to-day work.

The problem Halter faces is most farms have slim picking for broadband and connectivity options. To solve this issue, they work alongside local wireless broadband providers like Ultimate Broadband to provide connectivity for their Halter system to work on farms all around New Zealand.

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Ultimate Broadband aims to be the best out of all of the fibre providers in NZ, we offer great service, excellent value, and leading broadband packages to the rural community and to its urban counterparts.

We like to think that we are the heart of connectivity! Both your connectivity at your home, farm, or business. We pride ourselves on coming up with out-of-the-box solutions and never putting things into the too-hard pile. We are not just about selling a service; we are about providing a result.

So, what are you waiting for? Come become our newest family member and join our ever-growing broadband customer base! We guarantee you will not look back at your old broadband provider!

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Reviews from our UBB family members

Absolutely fantastic company that genuinely cares about its customers. ... We are on a remote high country station and had a weather related outage. The service team went above and beyond to get up to us as soon as possible. Really impressed with their communication and efforts. Keep up the awesome work and many thanks from Erewhon.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Erin Google
Pretty much our entire small rural town uses UBB because no other company cared ... to connect us to fibre that ran through. I highly recommend UBB, service is top of the line. Theres no long waits when phoning through with a problem. A courteous, well trained human answers straight away, most issues are sorted over the phone or staff ring you back. I cant praise you guys enough.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Helen Google
One of the best companies around if there's an issue they are on to it pretty much right away thanks UBB.
Cartoon image of a lady reviewing UBB broadband
Philippa Google

Smart Farm FAQ's

Frequently asked questions.

To setup a connected farm account, first you need to have more than one house to connect and at least one shed. That way, you're saving the most on the plan and broadband install. If you meet that criteria, then contacting our UBB team is the next step. They can walk you through the process of getting a CIS tech and network engineer to scope your address and create a custom plan to connect your farm with broadband, help setup cameras, and work alongside any other smart farm tech like Halter. Once installed, we will invoice you the monthly broadband bill to your account where you can choose to oncharge the bill to staff members of your farm at each dewelling.

Yes! There are plenty of benefits from having a connected farm account with UBB.

  • Combining multiple separate accounts into one simple account, where you can pay just one bill and save time with less admin work..
  • You have the ability to provide a broadband connection deal with your staff members at each staff house by simply charging it from their wages or advertising a paid for broadband connection as a part of the packaged deal you offer.
  • You save money overall each month, instead of paying each bill separately at full price. A connected farm account can save you and your business thousands of dollars each year when you bundle it together!

IoT, or the internet of things, is helping NZ farmers pave the path for the future of farming in New Zealand. IoT enables farmers and growers to be more productive and profitable by improving efficiency in every aspect of their operation. IoT sensors can be deployed to help with more control of the entire farm:

  • They provide precise data about soil, weather, air quality, and hydration levels that can help farmers make better decisions about the planting and harvesting of crops.
  • Provide farmers with more data about their livestock than a costly veterinarian could provide, such as data on lameness, nutritional information, and even the beast's health and well-being. 
  • It provides information about water tank levels and purity.
  • Provide weather focasting accuracy and other dynamic data inputs can help farmers lower the chance of having their crops damaged by the increasing threat of extreme weather events related to global warming. IoT sensors report weather conditions and monitor soil moisture and acidity.
  • IoT sensors can control gates and allow for them to be automatically shut to help ensure stock doesn't get out and help with security. By sending alerts to you, advising that the gate is open straight to your phone This allows you to simply select a button on an app to close it.

IoT allows you to automate time-sensitive tasks and gain greater control and insight into all aspects of your agri-farming operation with pinpoint accuracy. 

Ultiamte broadband can work alongside all IoT solutions and smart farm solutions. We are the heart of connectivity and want nothing more than to improve connectivity around the farm to help the rural sector out as much as possible! If you have a system that you are looking at implementing with your business, then contact our smart farm experts who can help you out!

Internet of things, or better known as IoT, is a group of smart objects such as sensors. That allows technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks. Iot enables productivity in all sectors of our economy, not just the agri-sectors. It enables your personal home to step into the future by creating smart lights, IoT heating, voice control systems, and security. It also enhances business operations by improving efficiencies and increasing productivity. There is not much IoT cannot do to help improve your life. Be sure to check out the WISPA Networks website to find out more!

There are many applications where IoT can work with the agri business sector within New Zealand to help boost primary export. Sensors both wired or wireless gather essential data to reduce costs and increase productivity. For the last few years IoT has steadily been adopted by more farmers. There have been issues with connectivity around New Zealand, but that is where UBBs rural wireless broadband plans and the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG) help to solve that peice of the puzzle. UBB works alongside WNL (WISPA Networks) to provide IoT Gateways across North, South, and Mid Canterbury. Where Farmers can deploy a range of sensors that help him soil data, livestock data, water data, crop data and weather data.

One of New Zealand's economic pillars is the primary sector, and its world leading especially with exports of quality food. Constant advances with agritech in our primary industry will ensure New Zealand stays world leading, by increasing our productivity and profitability it will ensure the sector remains strong and continues to grow as we look to incorporate IoT and agri tech more. A key piece that wireless network provides and RCG need to continue working on is quality reliable and fast rural connectivity options for NZ. Ensuring broadband and mobile coverage can allow fort agri tech to flourish and help economic growth within the industry.

Halter is what some say is "the future of farming." A New Zealand tech start-up that aims to change the way we farm! UBB has been lucky enough to work alongside them to provide their customers with broadband connectivity for the Halter system to work. Halter automates some of the most critical tasks in farming, unlocking a new way for farmers to work and live. The system reduces labour stress, while maximizing production, animal welfare and sustainability standards.

They provide a farm management tool. Solar-powered, GPS-enabled smart collars are fitted to each dairy cow and coupled with a simple app that allows farmers to remotely shift, virtually fence and proactively monitor their cows’ health, feed and behavior.

They translate human intentions into signals that an animal can understand, and animal behavior into insights a human can understand. This sophisticated set of algorithms developed, tested, and patented by us, is collectively known by Halter as Cowgorithm!

Halter high-tech cow collar uses sound and vibration to gently guide the cows to move at their own pace, removing any need for stressful herding and drafting techniques. The cows wear pads on the shoulders that have speakers for sound and vibration. Solar cells keep a charge for the collar. The Halter system works so well it allows cows to be monitored 24/7 so that they can detect even the most subtle changes in behavior, and alert you if a cow is unwell. Find out more about how UBB can help with Halter by contacting our rural connectivity specialists.

Humans have farmed in some form for as long as our history on this planet can go back. Some challenges just won't change no matter what. Weather will always prove a pain, crops and stock will continue to get sick, and quality management will be a must. But as we progress into a future that is more and more interconnected, these challenges can be better managed. Exciting changes in farming today include automation and IoT data. The next wave of innovation is already on our shores, with all-electric, zero-emission, self-driving tractors; stock collars that send noises to cows to ensure they stay in boundary lines or make their way to the milking shed without the need for manual labour, drones that automatically feed and water crops, and even drones that plant crops for you. All of these exciting emerging technologies are requiring less and less manual labour, allowing for better profitlable farms that can expand faster and bolster New Zealand's economy, but also your family's well being./p>

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