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Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Does your cell phone signal need a boost around home or work? We've got you sorted!

Mobile connectivity for voice and text communication for business or just keeping in touch is important. Not having mobile coverage on your farm, in your home, or business can have a massive impact on your ability to work or keep in touch with the outside world.

Providing mobile signal and reception boosting is in our DNA, UBB started off as providing cell phone signal boosting solutions under Ultimate Mobile Limited with the intention of providing solutions to businesses and homes throughout rural/urban NZ. This hasn’t changed and with Cel-Fi legal cellular / mobile booster systems we can provide coverage solutions for your home, business, or vehicle.

Vehicle Mobile Boosters
Get enhanced coverage on the go for your vehicle and keep connected in more places than before
Multi Network optionsWe can provide mobile signal boosting solutions for Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone mobiles offering both 3G and 4G services for VoLTE (voice over LTE), data and txt messaging
Legal and approved boostersCel-Fi mobile signal booster solutions are the only network approved boosters on the market, our vehicle solutions are allowed to be installed and used on the Spark and Vodafone networks
Wireless boosting in the vehicleThe vehicle cell phone booster solution enables wireless coverage in your vehicle cab for multiple phones, if your on the same network as the booster is providing coverage for you will get a boost.
Installation requiredOur vehicle installation providers will deploy the Cel-Fi mobile signal booster unit with the provided antenna and configure ready to go in your vehicle, onsite and depot installation available
Everything you need in the kit
Installation from $149 per hour
Building Mobile Boosters
Our fully installed and configured building solutions provide the ultimate mobile 3g/4g signal boosting.
Multi Network optionsWe can provide mobile signal booster solutions for Spark, Vodafone & 2Degrees mobiles offering both 3G and 4G services for VoLTE (voice over LTE), data and txt messaging
Legal and approved signal boostersCel-Fi mobile signal booster solutions are the only network approved boosters on the market, our building solutions are allowed to be installed and used on the Spark, Vodafone & 2Degrees networks
Wireless mobile boosting indoors and outdoorsOur cell phone signal booster solutions allow you to boost your signal indoors and outdoors where required. Depending on the carrier network, multiple coverage zones can be created including outdoor coverage.
Full professional installationOur technicians are able to install your system, configure and optimize to ensure your system provides the maximum coverage available. Install pricing is dependant on building type, travel distance, number of coverage zones and potential materials required.
Site scope requiredWe require a scoping visit first to ensure signal boosting can work and come up with a required installation plan with you on-site, as there are other potential challenges that could impact on a successful deployment. Our scope service is $249 inc GST upfront payment required.
Installation from $149 per hour

Before UBB can install any mobile signal boosting solution we require a scoping visit. This is to ensure we have the correct solution for the customer. An upfront payment of $275 is required before we can scope, UBB can not guarantee that a scoping visit will be able to provide the desired outcome. But we can guarantee that we will try our best to provide a custom solution to help!

How UBBs Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work

UBB uses the Cel-Fi Go version 4 model when providing solutions. Cel-Fi is the only network-approved booster on the market in NZ, with carrier models available for Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees. We offer fully installed solutions to improve coverage both indoors and outdoors depending on your requirements, with large-scale options available. The booster unit takes the signal from an external antenna installed in your home or business, and then using its managed amplifier boosts and repeats this signal for 3G and 4G calling and data.

Our design service allows for us to provide the correct solution for your needs and improve your mobile coverage to help with those pesty dropped calls or text messages that never send! Prices vary depending on the carrier and are subject to approval. Despite cellular networks improving every year, weak, patchy, and lost signals are common enough to be a significant issue for many people in NZ. Due to our rugged terrain NZ, this presents a problem! Weak and patchy signals in your home or office can be very frustrating. It hampers your productivity and everyday living.

Cell phone coverage in rural areas within New Zealand, where cell towers are a lot less common compared to urban areas due to our mountainous terrain creates a problem! Mobile reception has become a dream in some rural areas of New Zealand. People are facing a hard time getting full signal bars on their cell phones and often remain disconnected from the rest of New Zealand. Due to this, rural businesses, farms, and homes have their calls drop out, text messages never sent, and mobile data sitting and buffering. UBB is an approved cell-fi booster provider that is able to install and sell legal cell phone boosting options to ensure rural NZ is not left behind!


House diagram showing how the cell phone signal boosters are installed in a home or business within NZ

How UBBs Vehicle Cell Phone Boosters Work

If you’re traveling in a rural areas within NZ, cell phone signal boosters provide an improved mobile phone signal in your vehicle. They gather cellular signals from nearby cell towers and repeat that signal into your truck, campervan, RV, car or SUV. The signal is picked up and repeated into the vehicle from the exterior 4G or 3G antenna on the vehicle. The cell phone reception is then amplified and sends it to the interior antenna, which broadcasts that signal to all cellular devices inside that vehicle.

UBBs vehicle mobile boosting kit includes a wireless booster, inside and outside antennas, and cables. It is designed to improve coverage, and can easily support multiple devices and cell phones. Allowing for you to stay productive for work or safe when requiring an emergency 111 call, no more dropped calls! UBB is an accredited provider/installer for legal mobile signal boosting, they however are not able to install them into vehicles but can accommodate a third party to help.

A image of how UBBs Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters work in NZ

We would love to help with any cell phone signal boosting questions you may have, get in touch with us below.

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Recomendations from our UBB family members

Absolutely fantastic company that genuinely cares about its customers. ... We are on a remote high country station and had a weather related outage. The service team went above and beyond to get up to us as soon as possible. Really impressed with their communication and efforts. Keep up the awesome work and many thanks from Erewhon.
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Erin Google
We have been with UBB a number of years. Unlike other providers you know when you ring ... or email you are dealing direct with them and typically receive a response within the day. Great communication, a reliable network, easy to change plans with a variety of options to suit everyones needs.
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Victoria Google
One of the best companies around if there's an issue they are on to it pretty much right away thanks UBB.
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Philippa Google


Frequently asked questions about mobile signal boosters.

Yes! Our cell phone boosters are perfect for rural and remote areas where coverage is bad. All you need is at least 1 bar of cell phone signal for it to be able to work!

Our mobile signal booster kits will boost your signal strength both indoor and outdoor; they operate on the 3 big telco companies here in NZ; Spark, 2degrees, and Vodafone. They all boost both 3G and 4G services.

The 3 easy steps to improve a poor cell signal in NZ;

  • 1. Consider what carrier you are using, or looking to use in the future. Things to think about are current bills that are being paid per month and also how many users in the house are on the same carrier (Spark, 2degrees, and Vodafone).
  • 2. Decide if you require to impove patchy calls and texts or mobile data (using 3G or 4G). If its data you require. It could be more viable to look at rural wireless internet installs which provide unlimited rural broadband options instead of over-priced mobile plans.
  • 3. Get in touch with our cell phone-boosting specialists who can walk you through the processes to get installed at you home, business, or vehicle. Our UBB techs will scope the installation with you to ensure the get your requirements, then on the same day they will install the mobile phone booster aerial.

Yes! If you have weak 3G or 4G signals, and require a signal to make calls, download 4G data, and text for work or leisure, then yes, they are. It will help alleviate any annoyances, productivity, or emergency reasons that a weak signal causes. Here are 6 reasons why they are!

  • No More Dropped Calls - Say goodbye to hard-to-hear and dropped calls. Using 3G signal boosting, which is the voice and data network in some parts New Zealand. Our booster kits can amplify strong signals outside the building or traces of an existing signal if you're in a remote area or on the road, and rebroadcast them to you. Modern signal boosters feature no noise or distortion to speak of.
  • Enhanced Emergency Safety - The most important reason to invest in a mobile signal booster? Being safe, and having the abilty to call family or 111 when an emergency may happen. Signal boosters help with safety by allowing consumers to call 111 in areas where cellular or wireless signals would otherwise be disruptive.
  • Seamless Browsing - Weak cellular signals can disrupt our productivity. People who access the internet through their cell phone provider instead of wifi will see improvements with a signal booster. 77% of cell phone users face slow download speeds that prevent content from loading quickly. A signal booster is also an ideal solution for uploads, downloads, and streaming.

Boosting mobile signal without approval is illegal in NZ. All cell phone signal boosters NZ must go through an approval process. We are lucky enough to be an approved seller and installer for Spark, 2Degrees and Vodafone. Not all units on the market are legal; we advise to only go through trusted companies for this.

There are many things that can cause cell phone signal to be poor, like distance from the cell tower, tree's, landscapes, hills etc. Even the number of devices in your area that are trying to connect to the same tower.

Yes! Vodafone ended the Sure Signal's life at the end of 2021. Our cell-fi signal boosters are the best alternative option, providing better 3G or 4G coverage though NZ's homes and businesses rural to urban!

The outside antenna that is installed on your building or vehicle and gets the signal from the closet cell tower. Then the booster unit inside amplifies the signal and sends it to the inside dome (signal extender) which is installed either on your roof and a mountable position inside the house no further than 15 meters away from the external 3G / 4G antenna for mobile, broadcasts the mobile signal from the chosen provider (Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees) out to your mobile phones or cellular devices!

Having better mobile signal will allow you to have crystal clear voice calls, downloads will be much faster! Text messages will come through faster, no more dropped calls, and wider coverage, not to mention the abilty to allow for your farm to stay connected in the smart farm revolution just to name a few!

One of the principal differences between 3G and 4G models is the speed at which they can download files from the internet. A typical 3G phone can connect to the internet at a maximum speed of up to 7Mbps, whereas a 4G phone can do so at theoretical maximum real-world speeds of 20-40Mbps. 3G, an abbreviation of ‘third generation’, 4G, an abbreviation of ‘fourth generation’. It is used to describe the previous generation of common standards in mobile telecommunication networks. Essentially, it meant that devices that were ‘3G ready’ could transfer data at a rate of at least 200 kilobytes per second, which is enough to stream a small video, or download an app. These standards were first implemented in the early 1980’s with 1G analog mobile technology. Now days 4G is best for mobile data and 3G is best for mobile calls and texts within NZ.

The Rural Connectivity Group (RCG), a combined venture between Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees. The the three main telecommunications providers in NZ are building more than 400 mobile cell towers to provide 4G wireless home broadband connectivity in rural areas. This is part of the second phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2). With this comes new 4G-only mobile coverage in these areas which customers can use while on the go. The purpose of this fund is to connect rural addresses that had no internet options for home. Most of this new coverage is 4G-only, which allows customers to get set up with wireless broadband easily. Due to the new towers only providing 3G mobile signal, which means that since voice calls have historically requried the 3G network to make calls and texts, some mobile phones will not be able to make voice calls while connected to the new RCG towers. Most 4G capable phones however, can use data and SMS in these areas and will have service bars at the top of the screen. There is also 4G VoLTE, which voice over LTE, it is the next evolution of mobile calling that uses the 4G network for traditional voice calls instead of 3G, most telecommunication providers and ISP's allow for this option on their network in NZ.

We are an approved reseller and installer for mobile reception booster NZ on Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone networks. There is never a 100% guarantee that it will work in every area. All units need to go through an approval process and be installed by an approved installer. More info can be found on our terms & conditions page.

Simple, our UBB mobile signal boosters! Due to rural areas generally having weaker cell signals UBBs method of madness is to provide a cell boosting solution that was designed for rural farms in mind around NZ!

UBB mobile signal booster NZ units are Cel-Fi. They are made to work both indoor and outdoor. More about mobile signal boosters can be found here. We reckon they're the best on the market!

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