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9 RBI 4G broadband tips to make life easier!

How Rural Wireless Broadband Works

9 Useful RBI 4G broadband tips to speed your connection up!

Finding that your 4G RBI broadband connection has been ever slowing down day by day? There could be several reasons why, including new devices that have been bought over time, or lockdown more people at home at the same time, or even that it’s connected to the wrong cell tower!

Never fear, UBB has your back! We have some helpful tips that can help improve your connection at home or business so you’re spending less time worrying about your broadband, and more time worrying about what takeout’s to eat in level 3 😂.


9 helpful RBI 4G broadband tips.


1. Power off & remove the sim.

When was the last time you have powered the modem off for 5 – 10 mins? When powering it off and removing the sim it allows the modem to have a breather. When it powers on it will re-establish a connection to the RBI 4G broadband tower possibly to a new tower that can provide a better connection than the last tower it was connected to.


2. Are you on the right broadband plan?

Sometimes when your first get an 4G RBI connection we cannot offer any other service pending your address and its coverage. But as time goes on UBB installs new sites to ever increase our coverage for our rural wireless broadband. Also, we all move addresses at times as well. Check-in with our team to see if we can provide new services to your address, we offer other broadband services like fibre broadband or rural wireless broadband!


3. How many devices do you now have?

As time goes on, we get to collect more and more devices that require an internet connection. The more devices using the internet at home will require more bandwidth to ensure each device can get a fast connection. More about bandwidth can be found here. Simple fixes for these issues can be ensuring that the old devices are turned off that are not being used. Or have a look at a new plan that can harbor a better speed on different broadband services. Check out our rural wireless broadband here, or our fibre broadband here.


4. How old is your 4G broadband modem?

The good old modem that provides your connection to the internet is important. When was the last time you gave it a dust and wipe? Technology moves very fast! Meaning that your old modem just might not be able to provide a fast connection to your brand-new laptop or phone. Get in touch with our team to get help with your modem model and to see our new brand spanking new options!


5. Are you connected to the right 4G broadband tower?

As time goes on, new towers that your 4g broadband connection comes from are installed to provide better coverage. Meaning it’s possible that your modem and or antenna are connected to the wrong one. It can drastically improve your 4g broadband connection by connecting to the correct tower. Get in touch with our team so we can help check this with you!


6. Do you have an RBI antenna?

If you don’t have an RBI antenna and your connection is slow. Then it may be a requirement to get 4G RBI antennas installed. This will drastically improve the 4G RBI signal and allow for a faster 4G broadband connection. It might be the case where you are just far enough from the 4G tower that you may need to get an antenna installed. Call our team to get help on this.


7. Does your RBI antenna need moving?

Sometimes antennas move, especially if there have been strong winds and bad weather. Over time bolts & screws come loose, specially put under pressure from mother nature constantly. Meaning that the antenna may have been moved and be facing the wrong way to where the tower is. If that is so, then the 4G broadband signal could be drastically worse than what it should be. This translates into a slower broadband connection. It may pay to get in touch to see if we can help advise on this.


8. Where is your 4G modem placed in the house?

A simple easy life hack to help your 4G broadband speeds around the home is to ensure your modem is NOT locked away in an office, or behind metal objects, or even too close to other electronic devices. The best place to have your 4G modem is near a window (if you’re not using antennas) facing the 4G tower. Or in a central location in your house that is high up and with no obstructions. Solid objects block wifi signals. Check out more about how to improve your wifi signals here.


What colour is your mode light?

Pending the colour of the modem light on your modem, it signals that you’re only getting 2G, or 3G, or a 4G connection. If your modem light is green or yellow, then you’re not getting a 4G broadband connection. Which is drastically slower. This can be caused due to the above reasons like the antenna being out of alignment or connecting to the wrong tower! For help get in touch with our faults team who can help you out with this!


You see there are many factors that can cause your 4G broadband connection to go slow. If your needing help with any of the above options get in touch with our skilled and friendly team. Check out our latest 4G broadband plans we offer here. We also have plenty of wifi extending options, rural wireless broadband plans, and mobile signal boosters that may help!


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